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You are trapped.

Your pieces are your only resources.

Escape, or fall apart trying.



Embedded: body horror, gore, physical violence, dysphoria, exploitation, being trapped.
Potential: illness/viruses, psychological trauma, abduction, religious violence, medical violence, cults, self-harm, parasites, being hunted.


pieces is a GM-less tabletop game for 3+ players that involves cutting up and taping back together paper dolls.  Requires paper, drawing utensils, scissors, tape, a 4-sided die, a deck of 52 cards (jokers removed), and a bag.

Interpret cards to create situations, vote on solutions, and sacrifice pieces of your body to solve problems. Cooperate with the other players to build a story as you destroy your original body and build yourself a new one.

Inspired by body horror media like Society (1989), The Thing (1982), Junji Ito's work, The Magnus Archives podcast, and Upgrade (2018), among others. This game focuses on themes of sacrifice, control over your own body, and what makes you human.


If you are interested in a physical copy of pieces, let me know either here or on Twitter (@thefatalst)! If there is enough interest, I may do a run of printed booklets with paper doll sheets included.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hey- just wanted to say that I played this with my friends, and we loved it! Played very well and we had no trouble playing for about three hours. Ended up with two mostly humanoid people with odd parts, and one abomination with three torsos and an extenda-leg.

10/10, would recommend.


Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed ~


this is right up my alley, let's hope I can find someone to play with me :P