Stand Up: Reignited Announcement!

Hey folks!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me posting about Stand Up: Reignited, the expansion edition of Stand Up!  Like Persona 3: FES, Persona 4: Golden, and Persona 5: Royal, Stand Up: Reignited is both a "remaster" and an expansion, adding new content and updating existing content.

This updated version will add:

  • A brand-new guidebook, expanding on the rules from the original version of Stand Up into a more comprehensive guide for play.
  • Guides for players new to the GMless style of game.
  • Three (3) new playbooks, including Justice, The Star, and one mystery playbook.
  • Two (2) quickstart scenarios (i.e. "premade campaigns") for players who need that inspiration.
  • A large set of optional rules and prompts, including:
    • Rules for having a GM facilitate, for playgroups who may need that.
    • Tarot-based scene prompts.
    • Example NPCs for each Setting Element.

How much will this cost?

If you already own a copy of Stand Up, the Reignited edition will cost you $0!  You will get access to the new files as soon as I publish them, to do with as you please.

The price for Stand Up will increase to $20 with the added content.  Don't worry, though!  If, for whatever reason, you want the original version of Stand Up after the expansion is published, it will still be available at its $10 cost on this store page.  You will then have the option to upgrade to the Reignited edition for an additional $10 at any time.

TL;DR: Stand Up: Reignited will cost $20.  If you already own Stand Up, you get the upgrade for free!

A new guidebook? Is that a new game?

No!  The new guidebook has the same exact rules as the original copy of Stand Up, only expanded upon and including new content, as mentioned above.  The reason for the expanded guidebook is based on feedback on the clarity of rules and requests for help from players not used to the GMless style of gameplay.   It shouldn't change anything about how the game is played, but instead provide clarity, assistance, and guidance.

For example, now there will be a whole section to explain how a diceless game functions, as well as plenty of examples for how the game is played.

Premade campaigns? How will that work?

I'm calling them quickstart scenarios instead of "premade campaigns" because they aren't premade campaigns the way you might traditionally be used to.  These scenarios will include a few hooks to start off the story, a set of NPCs, and a set of prompts to get the plot rolling.  They will basically be set up so that once the game starts, you have a place to work from but the story can follow whatever path you would like beyond the start.

Any two playgroups should be able to use the same quickstart scenario and end up with wildly different games.  That's my goal with these.


  • Stand Up: Reignited will cost $20. (Free for those who already own it.)
  • A giant set of new and expanded content, including 3 playbooks and 2 quickstart scenarios.
  • A brand-new guidebook set up for new and old players to facilitate play.
  • Bonus optional rules and content for players with a specific playstyle in mind.

Keep an eye out in the future for Stand Up: Reignited on this page!  I'll post another devlog update when I have a specific release date in mind, which will include information on how to get your updated version of the game (it will be very simple and through this game page, don't worry).

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This sounds extremely cool - gonna try to keep an eye on this!

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Seriously a very good new, I look forward to it. *Sending energy for the work to do*